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The Shadow Lantern

Bespoke design service - Price from £6.58

The Shadow Lantern is a unique candle holder that provides a simple and beautiful way to promote your business. Incorporate your business name, logo or message into the design.

The Shadow Lantern is a stunning and cost effective way to strengthen your brand.

Create your own bespoke Shadow Lantern by sending your design and let us customise the Shadow Lantern with your logo.

Amber Salamander

First to bring the Shadow Lantern to the UK

Amber Salamander is pleased to be the first to bring the Shadow Lantern to the UK.

These Lanterns project an image on to the outer glass wall of the holder that moves and changes size as the candle naturally flickers, giving you the opportunity to create a bespoke design based around your business.

This product gives your business the opportunity to advertise and promote your brand in a unique and effective way.
Design your own bespoke candle holder that incorporates your own business name, logo or message.